About us

Eins Department was born in 2008 from mother company Star Seiki Co. Ltd. in Japan, and from there it moved to Star Automation Europe Spa in Italy, the headquarters of every related commercial activity in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The 50-year experience in producing cartesian robots and automated systems for injection moulding machines allowed Star to have the necessary know-how to start the production of parts for robot hands, or end of arm tooling (E.O.A.T.). At the time and even more nowadays, the main aim was to develop, produce and sell components at a low price with a high quality in order to offer customers world’s number one product range in the field of end of arm tooling. For this reason, the name “Eins”, the German word for “Number One” was chosen.

Eins is the only business in this field which was born inside a robot producing company. Thanks to this tight relationship, Eins Department knows how to enhance robot performances through E.O.A.T.s better than anyone else. Eins products are particularly versatile, as they can be used not only on Star cartesian robots, but also on robots produced by other companies, be they cartesian or six-axes, as well as on automated systems.

The number and kind of products offered by Eins have been increasing in the last ten years, starting from gripping, cutting, vacuum components and tool changer systems and recently including also sensors and tubing, all of this included under the name of Eins. This way, we are able to answer literally to any production requirement.

All components are specifically studied to obtain the best performances in compactness and lightness in order to optimize the dimension and the weight of E.O.A.T.s, as well as reliability, thus being particularly indicated for multi-cavity chucking attachment. Another focus when adding new products to Eins family is the concept of simplicity: to customers choosing Eins products for their robots, we can promise the creation of the hands is going to be extremely simple, and even fun!

Leaving users the possibility to combine Eins products freely is one of our most important goals.
We are also specialised in both designing and manufacturing chucks, so do not hesitate to contact our technical staff to get all the necessary support and the service of 3D design of your E.O.A.T.